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Online reports available 24 hours a day 7 days a week from any computer, tablet or phone. Using our system, you can walk your facility with a phone, laptop or tablet and view devices and equipment while looking at them in your report or work order. This is useful when walking with an inspector or trying to find a deficiency. You can view your reports even when you are not onsite. They can be downloaded and printed or emailed to anyone you choose at anytime. We are also available at (303) 697-7377 to look up, download, email or print your reports for you. Your reports are safe and backed up on two servers in separate locations and accessible only by you using a user login and password. You can view your fire alarm, fire sprinkler, extinguisher, kitchen hood, damper, door, backflow, smoke control, security reports and work orders at anytime. These reports are available to be downloaded in a document format for editing or email and can be printed. This system puts all of your reports in the same format and in the same place all of the time. There is no cost for this service if you hire the FireTest Company to test your equipment. If you want to test it yourself or have a preferred vendor, you can still use our system by subscribing to our service.

Contact if you would like more information or would like to schedule a free demo of our online reporting system.

Flow Testing:

For the last seven years the FireTest Company has been conducting hydrant flow tests using flow meters to measure city supply for use in fire protection and domestic water design. For a fast quote or to schedule testing, email or call (303) 697-7377

Backflow Testing:

We will test, flow or repair your backflow device at your request. We are ASSE certified, registered with the State of Colorado for Fire Suppression and Backflow testing and repair. For a fast quote or to schedule testing, email or call (303) 697-7377

Fire Alarm Testing:

Email or call or (303) 697-7377 ext 2 for a quote or to schedule an inspection.

Fire Alarm Parts:

Email or call or (303) 697-7377 ext 2 if you're looking for fire alarm parts. We have those hard to find parts for the older systems. We have parts for Siemens, FCI, Gamewell, Spectronics, EST, Edwards, Notifier, Silent Knight, FireLite, Honeywell, System Sensor, Wheelock, SimplexGrinnel and others.

Fire and Burglar Alarm Monitoring:

Email or call or (303) 697-7377 ext 2 for a quote or to have your system monitored. Do you have multiple phone lines costing you hundreds if not thousands of dollars a month? We have a system that doesn't use phone lines so you can cancel those expensive phone lines.

Fire Sprinkler Testing:

Email or call or (303) 697-7377 ext 2 for a quote or to schedule testing of your fire sprinkler system(s). We are experienced in wet, antifreeze, dry, foam, preaction, deluge and water mist systems.

All Other Services:

Email or call or (303) 697-7377 ext 2 for a quote or to schedule testing, repairs, modification, installation of Portable Extinguishers, Kitchen Hood, Special Hazard, FM200, Halon, FE-36, Inergen, Dampers, Doors, Smoke Control, Elevator Fire Mode, Door Seals, Fire Seal, Exit and Emergency Lights.

For the last fifteen years the FireTest Company has been providing quality inspection, test, maintenance, reports and repairs to healthcare, commercial and multi-family residential properties. Our specialty is in healthcare and specifically the environment of care for hospitals, medical office buildings, ambulatory care, assisted living facilities, apartment buildings, sterile manufacturing and hotels. Our reports, deficiencies, and repair tickets, are specifically formatted to meet the high demands of JCAHO, CMS, Insurance and Fire Departments. Reports are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, via web access from any computer or mobile device, and are printable to place in binders or to present to inspectors. Reports and work orders are viewable and printable from an iPad or other tablet.

We test and maintain fire alarm, fire smoke dampers, fire sprinkler systems, fire extinguishers, kitchen systems, back flow preventers, smoke compartment sealing, door seals and adjustments, fire drop down doors and smoke curtains, smoke control, clean agent special hazard suppression, emergency and exit lighting, safety training, monitoring of fire alarm and burglar alarm systems, air sampling and leak detection.

We are NICET certified, State licensed for suppression, sprinklers and backflows, Licensed with the City of Denver for Fire Alarm, Fire Sprinklers, Extinguishers and Security.

Email or call us to see our unique reporting methods, schedule an appointment, request a quote or service call. Or you can click here to schedule an appointment or service.

Office: 303-697-7377
Fax: 303-697-7893

We are proud members of the following organizations:
Automatic Fire Alarm Association (AFAA)
National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)
Colorado Fire Protection Association (CFPA)
Society of Fire Protection Engineers (SFPE)
Colorado Association of Heath Care Engineers & Directors(CAHED)